Top 10 Hotels in Puri – Voted by Customers (2015)


Are you planning to visit Puri soon? Get the best deals by choosing a good hotel in advance.
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But to make the right choice, you need to go through various review-based sites, gather feedback from previous guests, then compare to a result.
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We’ve put together a list of 10 Puri hotels to make things easier as customers voted for 2015. Below we have a detailed overview of pros and cons of the 10 hotels in Puri. Most of these Puri hotels can be booked online at major portals like Tripadvisor, MakeMyTrip, Cleartrip.
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Hotel Z

The hotel that ranks first among the top Puri hotels is the Z Hotel. The popular budget category hotel is located on Chakratirtha Road, close to Jagannath Temple and the beach. It has nice and well equipped rooms. Rates will start from fares. 1500 and overnight for one night.
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The main reason behind the fame is the quiet location away from the bustle of Puri. Tired travelers are also attracted to hospital staff who maintain excellent service and “religiously cleanliness”. With its many advantages, former guests have stated that they need clean equipment improvements like a mattress and that they are facing pest problems.
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Victoria Club Hotel

Victoria Club Hotel Puri is near the beach and has been one of the main features that customers love. This is a nice and cheap hotel with rooms worth Rs. 700 per night, which is perfect for those traveling on a budget.
According to former customers, there has been cleanliness and service at the hotel. It was also a “key factor” that helped a customer choose cleanliness. The tug of war on this popular hotel is tilting room maintenance and the apathy of the home staff.
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Coco Palms Puri

This is one of the best 3-star luxury hotels in Puri, near Swargadwar Beach. The hotel has several amazing facilities, although staying here will cost you more. 4414 per room.
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One of those luxury hotels that customers are always looking for. yes; it is also a stretch of private beach. Plus, they are a big plus. Needless to say, the service and atmosphere here is noteworthy, several guests will be confirmed in the reviews.
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Even then, the property is not without its share of problems. Guests have been given homework and no maintenance as one of the downsides of the hotel. Some have even pointed out that Puri is a high-priced hotel and not exactly “big money.”
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Mayfair Heritage

Mayfair Heritage is a popular breed of “Luxury Hotels Near the Beach”. Puriko is a 4 star property and Chakratirtha Road is the location. The cost of a night’s room is Rs. 8402
Great location close to the beach and great access to important places like the train station. Apart from the guests, the standards of service and atmosphere have been praised the most. It also provides a home for successful couples.
The only reason a former customer has had this is because of the “expensive” property and the fees being unreasonable and the customers are also having maintenance problems.
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Hotel Holiday Resort

Hotel Holiday Resort Puri is one of the best mid-budget hotels which will give you more costs. 2491 per room. The hotel is located on the beachfront of Puriko, making it one of the “hottest properties” of Puriko. Guests have opted for location and prices for “valuable money” at Puri Hotel.
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Special mention has also been made of the high quality food in the home restaurant. Conversely, many have invited the small size of their rooms and their services “below expectations”. that they are.
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Ananya Resorts

Annanya Resorts is located on VIP Road, Puri, and is a popular budget hotel in other countries. 2863 The hotel has been praised by its former customers for its excellent food and has surprised many patrons. Guests consider the Puri Hotel a “good value for money”. The only complaints he had about guests were the slow room service and the main temple and the location near the beach
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Toshali Sands

Located in the Puri-Konark Marine Unit, Toshali Sands is one of the most prestigious luxury resorts in the area. Starting from the prices. 2987, the resort offers a great experience with a private beach and atmosphere. Guests appreciate the standards of service and the impressive rooms, but it is 8 km from Puri. Former clients also point out that the hotel is not for real money and that it needs to maintain certain areas.
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Lee Garden Hotel
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Hotel Lee Garden is a budget hotel on VIP Road, Puri. Hotels will cost you nice rooms upwards of Rs. 1182 for overnight stay. Former guests have praised the staff of “well-trained” services, food in Chungwa (an in-house restaurant) and all facilities that require a budget friendly hotel.
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The only accessory is about 3.5 km from the beach and Jagannath Temple is 1 km away.
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Pure Golden Sands

The Puri Golden Sands Hotel is located on the Piapi Plateau and is a popular budget hotel in the center. Room rates starting from Rs. 2614 and there are well-equipped rooms. The hotel is grateful for its excellent service and the former staff emphasized the special praise of former guests. At Puri, a balanced agreement has been praised by customers for making money.
The location of the hotel is its biggest disadvantage, being located about 9 km from the main beach of Puri. On the Flipside there is a stretch of lonely beach, opposite the owner. Customers also stress that they need to maintain their rooms.
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Hotel Gandhara

Hotel Gandhara Puri Chakratirtha is a nice 2-star hotel located on the road. The hotel has nice rooms, with costs starting from Rs. 3170 per night.
Guests are praised for their cleanliness and location on the main beach. While guests may find that other hotels are worth the money, former guests would like to point out their shortcomings to staff with “poor support” and issues with prior booking.
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Puri is one of the most important pilgrimages in India and is crowded throughout the year. So, if you plan to visit soon enough; then make sure you book your room in advance through the online travel portal to avoid unnecessary trouble.