For the best productivity for iPads


We lost the number, but it's something like a few hundred new ones Apps to do iPad 2 playing shelves more than once.

Twenty-four categories make it easier (easier) to select specific applications, but even then, where do you start? Above all, and here is a flash, you want a break from the Games Apps. DEAR LORD.

Well, personal recommendations are helpful, so let's see how they get on and … & # 39;


This baby is not a brain. Required, it allows you to access and share all your files from many sources: email, computer, laptop, cell phone, flash drive. There is no place to hide.

The above application is the best way to sync your files across all your storage devices. Welcome to Grand Central.

You can save documents, photos and videos directly to your dropbox. And from anywhere with Internet access, you can access Dropbox's website and go to work.

He is 10 years old and a freebie.


Functionally packed word processor. It even has Dropbox support. Cool. The intuitive interface can zoom in and out and move anywhere, yes. You can also link documents and add them to web site links.

The Snipbox clipboard feature lets you paste various sections of text and links. No spell checkers, but don't worry / worry, we'll handle it.

Seven out of 10 and big $ 2.99. Ouch.

Google translator

Typical of 9's PR and Google, it's free.

Fifty + languages ​​are supported, enough already! – and they are just written, in addition to supporting the 15 spoken ones, and speaking in 23 languages ​​to make the right word. Go figure out the numbers. Earn a foreign menu, foreign people, hey, any foreigners. Best on the show.

iFixit: repair manual

If it doesn't break, fix it with this application. Meet your best friend.

That is, all of the cutting-edge camera brands, gaming consoles, home appliances and stereo stuff, Macs, media players, computers, phones and, I think, repairing vehicles. iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad? Yes, yes, yes.

Replace the screen glass with an iPhone 3GS by following 13 detailed and illustrated steps. Ah, for lunch.

Multiple repair guide for all devices – jump to what you need with a single-screen tap.

We'll give him 8, you won't get anything.


Do you want to buy with a barcode? Yo! (Yesterday's coupons).

This little critter provides a quick and easy way to compare prices at outlets and anywhere. Pressing the scanner button on the camera view shows a red line to code your product.

The list of online sellers of this product itself provides a vital shopping experience. Your choice.

Score of 8, not a penny.


Hotels, flights, restaurants. Anyone?

Book, pay, fly and eat – all in one application.

Resort & Hotel Reviews, Result Filters, 5 Star Luxury, Simple B&B, Friendly Interface, Best Flight Deals, Forums, Million Photos, Location Maps, Travel Comparisons, Best Business Travel Options Do you want fried with that?

8 is a round price.

A short list is also recommended:

Keynote, MobileMe iDisk, Calc HD, AppSniper, EpicWin, ZIP codes, pages andPrinterPro.