20-year banking company Bitcoin

Banks, such as politicians, are essential evils. Some people are harming them, but they believe that they are an integral part of a civilized society. For their 20 years which I had not had in NatWest, I had a lot of reasons to bitch about them. Their job is bad and their products are insufficient and like most printed media, they come in the form of printed media for decades, as the better forms of money and better business practices make the banking system out of date. Here and now I am, however, depend on the pankistani, because people can not live only with encryption.

Non-Banking Banking Budget: How to Infringe the Financial System
Screw guys.
Banking is one of the best in our permanent constant. Friends and employers come and go, but after opening the account we become thick and thin. It was not on Wednesday when the Natwest term ended sharply after they pulled the rug under my feet and called me a rage. As a result, I do not have a bank account, a resource that most of my peers have not been given, but it would have been a minimum of five digits for me.
My bank transfer is not tragic or compassion. But this will allow you to tell, because familiar to many readers who know who bought or bought bitcoin. If it happens to me, it can happen to anyone.

The evil of all your bank offices
As a majority of people who work in cryptography, I have the basis that Bitcoin will pay fees to pay taxes. I have not used this purpose Localbitcoinsia (LBC), starting in 2013, selling several hundred bucks at a time, and the buyer transfer funds to my bank account. Sometimes I did not have a reason to sell a larger quantity but it was not enough to start checking money laundering or banking with unpleasant questions. I’m not stupid. As a result, I have successfully completed hundreds of stores LBC: In the air I started my bank.

All of this was immediately changed on Wednesday. I was going to drink some friends, but when I tried to withdraw money from the ATM, the card did not happen. I went to the bar and handed me over to the card and asked Barrack to continue the car until I agreed. To be refused. Naturally, Natwest’s entire banking system can be down (everything does not work as Bitcoin), I opened a mobile bank application, just because I was locked up.

Non-Banking Banking Budget: How to Infringe the Financial System

As someone who works cryptocurrencyissa, I am well aware of the risks of social engineering, and this is at this point I look at my phone 4G icon to check that I do not have a SIM card. It’s good, nothing seemed wrong, but still I did not get funds and was far from investigating why. As anyone who has ever been blocked abroad, it creates a harassment and negative feeling to deny the purchase. I did not start, but I was. Now I call my bank to find out what was wrong. I hate playing.

“Suspicious activity”
Later I contacted a 10-minute discussion and musician, and I contacted the telephone operator who confirmed that the card was placed in my report but I was not told why it would be necessary to move the other section with the musk bitch because I would wait for a good event.

“It’s good that your account was blocked because we asked for a third suspicious business investigation in May,” they said. “One is £ 1,000 and another £ 8,000 with paid news … you recognize it?”

Several points came out immediately. First of all, these incidents took place six weeks ago and are they just working now? Secondly, I do not even remember what you have had on breakfast yesterday – how can I remember two hundred events that have come to my account since the beginning of May? More than that I can not access and information about them because I do not have banking services.

Otherwise, the loss of your bank account will not only stop: you lose your friends, direct debit products, child support, car insurance, and other contributions to all payment information. You should inform the customers who do not report your account and friends who are asked to send the bank information. This is a complete ball fracture.