Current Hosting Framework: Competition, Upswing and Marketing


International hospitality is a different type of industry. There has long been no innovation in this area, but the advent of technology based on economic demand has changed dramatically. Airbnb & # 39; the change on stage was indicative of this change, along with the rise of boutique hotels. Soon, the chains of traditional restaurants began experimenting, growing, acquiring and agreeing to innovate strongly.

This brings us to today’s hospitality scenario. Although the industry is still fierce, inextricable and fierce competition, the path to success is now diverse. There is no one that applies to all formulas and hotels no longer have to subscribe to the hard and fast rules. Technology plays the role of a great equalizer, as well as allowing the smallest players to fight for survival.


Throughout the world, the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors remain the key to economic development and employment. In an economy that is becoming a market for affordable transport and a blurring of borders, it is reasonable to assume that travel and tourism remain a major sector for the foreseeable future.

Consider the following statistics:

  • In 2016, Travel and Tourism contributed $ 7.6 billion to the global economy and supported 292 million jobs.
  • This revenue generation accounts for 10.2% of the world.
  • Of all jobs, 10 have been assigned to the Travel and Tourism Industry.
  • 77%, leisure travel made up for people's spending. By comparison, 23 percent of business and business travel accounted for the remainder.
  • Domestic travel (72%) was higher than international travel.
  • Total contribution to GDP increased by 3.1% in 2016.
  • By 2027, this sector will account for 11.4% of global GDP and contribute more than 380 million jobs worldwide. Of course, this indicates that the sector is outperforming the world economy.

There is no doubt that companies like Airbnb are competitive with hotels in certain segments of the market. This assumes that part of the business can be an add-on, as travelers make longer (and even longer) trips than they have to. However, it is important to note that private accommodation has changed consumer expectations on a basic level, depending on what a hotel is and where it is located.


The competition of the hospitality industry is due to two aspects:

  • Technological adaptation
  • Changing the customer profile

Adaptation of technology

As I said before, technology has taken advantage of the playing field and has spurred many aspects of the industry, including branding, communication, and outreach. In particular, there are three specific trends

the hospitality industry will be reshaped in the coming years. Look at each one individually.

A first mobile approach

In new markets around the world, one million people are expected to connect worldwide. Most of them will be customers to get their cell phones on their bikes for a living. Hospitality and travel companies have no other choice but to invest in engagement and retention strategies for mobile and mobile first guests.

In any case, the customer is always looking for & # 39; custom & # 39; Leveraging experience and innovative mobile technology, AirBnb and Uber will be key to brand differentiation and experience. Hotels will need to provide reserve features, lightning fast operations and other touch points to their customers during their mobile phone journey for the convenience of their customers.


Internet access for both non-native and non-native natives is only meant to increase connectivity. With the proliferation of devices and apparel connected to the market, hotels will need to innovate in terms of new ways of interacting and engaging with consumers. Virtual reality visits, high-reality interactions, robotics and AI will boost the market and allow for more travel experiences.

Machine Learning, Big Data and Analytics

Getting into big data allows you to create a vast and personalized experience for each consumer. Many marketing campaigns can be leveraged, and keep track of reasonable numbers to improve growth and optimization.

It also speeds up service processes such as customer service, feedback collection, email automation and customer engagement. In addition, increasing and decreasing the scale of the business can be facilitated by the company's goals.

Changing customer profiles and brand experience

The tourism industry is witnessing a shift in the psychographic and demographic profiles of travelers. With Gen X travelers coming, they will be around for millennia, because expectations and lifestyle are completely standard for industry performance.

Customer experience is now a hallmark of major brands. It will also drive customer loyalty, and referrals and hotels will be needed to synthesize direct, personalized and complex loyalty plans that have never been addressed before.

It also extends to the experiences you create and personalize. Home away from home & # 39; the concept refuses luxury homogenization, which was a tried and tested paradigm of the past.

Now, providing unparalleled service, rooting the local climate in addition to providing the usual hotel space, has become an important factor. The demand for millions of organic food and sustainable options also creates further vulnerabilities in terms of risks and food security, which hotel owners must control.

Travel brands do not pay attention to non-travel brands, providing a higher level of service. Amazon, Starbucks and Uber are the names of thousands of big accounts, and competition will increase as customers expect from all service providers, especially as players in the hospitality industry.


Which brings us to the final point – marketing for this young consumer. Hospitality sales, if any, are different from other consumer goods. Tangible and intangible products must be sold by the player. Success, then, in marketing services & # 39; instead of just buying it for the consumer. It is important to create the right brand image that drives trust, and also conversion.

Consistent brand identity is also becoming more important as customers have fronts to engage with your brand. Your active presence on social media is very important as a portal for customer engagement.

Customers can better analyze and evaluate it, including TripAdvisor and Yelp. Reviews and recommendations from a friend or influencer were suddenly very important to growing sales. In addition to providing a steady flow of revenue, repeat customers can influence themselves.

Leveraging all the tools and technologies that come with digital marketing is not only a matter of time, it is much cheaper and is well suited to customer preferences. Email and content marketing are closely linked to SEO and invisible branding online. Most of these marketing efforts focus on creating, preserving and maintaining the brand identity and image. Keeping customers engaged with new age best marketing practices will not only provide you with invaluable experience, it will take you beyond your competition.

The sector is very profitable at the moment, with tremendous growth and good investment. If you do not play well or you are a new player in the industrial industry, taking all these points into consideration will give you a significant competitive advantage.


7 Tips for a Punta Cana Vacation


Punta Cana is on the east coast of the Dominican Republic in the heart of the Caribbean. Luxury accommodations are well known for their beautiful natural surroundings. It makes for a warm winter getaway for people in Canada, Europe and the United States. Thousands of people travel outside Punta Cana because they have a cold winter in their countries.

If you are looking for a Punta Cana vacation then I will give you 7 travel tips to make your stay more enjoyable.

Avoid Taxi If You Can

Taxis in Punta Cana are not particularly bad, but rates can be disproportionate. For a comparison, an adjustment that costs $ 4 – $ 5 in Santo Domingo (capital of the Dominican Republic) will cost you $ 20 – $ 40 in Punta Cana!

To avoid taxis, try to negotiate with your travel agent to make an airport transfer, both coming and going, and entering into the package deal. There are many and if you buy it you should be able to find it. If you go on an excursion to one of the parks or islands, make sure the travel operator collects the cost of the questionnaire at your resort or hotel and you can take it again, again. to find that. You can also rent a car instead of a taxi at a reasonable rate. There are many renowned rental locations such as Avis, Budget, Eurocar, National and Prestige. When you're on a budget, you can take a bus called Guagua, which runs along the entire coast of Punta Cana and beyond. Buses run every 15-30 minutes. If you need to go to Santo Domingo, check out the Bavaro Express.

How to Find the White Beach

The most prized beaches in the Dominican Republic seem to be white-sand beaches – white is more popular in my book. Tourists love the beauty of these beaches and also how the fine sand has got between their toes. However, not all "Punta Cana" beaches are white.

Tourists often do not realize that the "Punta Cana" coast of the Dominican Republic is already 38-39 miles away. It is the entire eastern coast of the Dominican Republic. The color of the sand changes significantly during this time. Generally, the more you go south, the whiter the sand. The Punta Cana coast is like an arrowhead near the east. When the arrow reaches a point, it is called Macau. North of that point, white sand has begun to turn golden. That might sound nice too, but if you're a true hobby of pure white sand, you can probably find a resort on the west side of Macau or find a resort on the southeast coast.

How to get customs easier

First, let me tell you some good news. Getting around Punta Cana Airport is much easier than getting around Santo Domingo Airport or other Caribbean airports, such as Cancun. Having said that, though, there are some simple things you can do to reduce the likelihood that you will experience problems with your habits.

As soon as you arrive in Punta Cana, you will need to get a "10 tourist card" and it will only cost you $ 10 and you can get it before going to the airport. However, there may be a line for them, so if you want to speed things up, try incorporating this into the package deal before you board your tour card. There can be little that can be understood by customs agents as a "sharp object". Items such as needles and umbrellas can be considered "sharp objects" and can be held and confiscated. Make sure you put these types of items in your checked luggage to avoid problems. Also, make sure all over-the-counter medications are labeled. Drugs are not strictly tolerated in the Dominican Republic, so you don't want to worry about customs agents. Another "no-no: what comes in and out is derived from plant material or animal parts. Coconut fiber, shell, fruit, wood carving, etc. can be hats. These items will be confiscated and may take longer than required to clear Customs. There are exceptions such as amber pieces containing insect parts, a real concern is the spread of insects and microorganisms across the border.

Take the land in public lands

Officially, all beaches in the Dominican Republic are public. However, many of the resorts place signs and patrol the beaches as if they were a private beach in front of their resorts.

When you are walking on the beach, know that you are allowed to walk on the beach, and you should have some fun if someone approaches you and points to someone else. Notify yourself that you plan to spend only.

Expectations of hope and gifts to the public

It is expected that you will explain the servers and the servers. 5-10% is considered a rule. Bartenders are often $ 1 a round, sometimes making drinks more difficult. Hotel maids are $ 2- $ 5 a day and airport concierges are $ 1 per bag. It is also hoped that you will explain the guidelines. Guides are typically made for 5-day day trips and $ 5- $ 10 per day.

It is also becoming increasingly popular to give away gifts to citizens. Sweets, toys and baby supplies are popular. Books, make-up and jewelry are usually left out. It is best to check with the guides you visit and bring in hotel staff as a gift to determine which items are the most appropriate and necessary. Remember this is a "third world" country with an emerging economy and there are many needs.

Find a station that suits your needs

Different stations meet different needs. Some stations cater to families with children. Others are "adults only" and respond to couples looking for a romantic getaway without children under foot. Many resorts in Punta Cana follow European customs. Some Americans like this but others don't. If you don't, be sure to find a resort that caters more to American customs.

If you want to get a full list of all the activities at the stations you are considering, it will often help you make the decision. Some resorts offer better activities for children – some are inspected and some are not. Some offer sailing, surfing, wind surfing, dancing, diving and other desirable classes. Some include activities such as horseback riding and dune buggies. Some are better designed for disabled and special needs establishments.

How To Make Punta Cana Excursions

Most vacation packages include some excursion options. Most are very simple, such as a boat snorkeling on a reef or taking a catamaran cruise on an island. However, hotel visits are almost never the best way to have the best adventure of your resort. Local fishermen and locals alike often offer tourists a boat ride. These are the ones you can actually lose or lose, often unfortunately missing. It should be noted that locals will almost never have a license or a link, if something were to happen, you would be stuck.

You will have a much richer and more memorable experience with specialized tour operators on trips to Punta Cana. Your outing will also be much safer. The renowned excursions offer eco-adventures where you explore nature and culture deeply with people who truly care and have a deep understanding and knowledge of wildlife and the people around them. Take at least one of these types of excursions and compare what the resorts have to offer and it will look different.


Table customs in Romania


Are you planning a trip and visiting friends or family or wondering how to stay in the hotel? Well, look at what people eat at their desks and sitting around the table is enjoyed by everyone else's company.

Placing dishes

Everyone sitting at the table has two plates in front – for the first and second courses.

The knife is on the right and the fork is on the left.

Serve lunch

The food is served by the housekeeper, who is usually the housekeeper, but sometimes family members help themselves.

Table habits:

Wait until each food is wrapped around the table. To say that you are chewing bad food is to say something. However, Romanians talk a lot during lunch. It is love to get off the table before everyone is done. Also, it is not pleasant to smoke while other people are still eating or eating.

At the end of the meal, people are usually thankful and they greet the host wonderfully, even if you did not enjoy a good meal, however, it would be nice to have the host as much as they liked. difficulties preparing for your homage as a guest.

Traditional customs:

There are two traditional holidays where all the family members gather, Christmas and Easter. At Christmas, people usually eat pork and Easter; people usually eat lamb. Traditional food and beverages are usually two main dishes and one in the desert. The second traditional course is cabbage albusti.

In the desert there is usually ice cream or cake. Adults in Romania drink wine and fish brandy, known as the local Tuica, which is a traditional alcoholic beverage. After meals are over, they occasionally drink coffee. Usually children have drinking juices. Restaurants are popular. People who have been in Romania for a long time sometimes have lunch or dinner at a restaurant, with family or friends. A night spent in a restaurant can be very enjoyable after hard work.

Why not try to spend some time with the Roman family, enjoy a delicious Romanian meal, taste the local brandy and enjoy a lively and entertaining time?


Why travelers visit Borneo


Borneo feels like a less-explored destination with hidden ecological treasures. The sanctuary for dense wildlife is an essential part of the virgin and secondary forest drawn on the peninsula. Some of the borneo are endemic. Orangutan, Borneo Pygmy Elephants, proboscis monkeys are welcome if you visit your natural habitat. Yes, eco-friendly trips are available. Greenland and Papua New Guinea is the third largest island in the world, no longer a mystery, but is increasingly recommended as a new holiday destination for travelers. The island is shared by 3 countries, most of which are Indonesia (Kalimantan) and followed by Malaysia (Sabah and Sarawak) and Brunei.

Essentially, Borneo's historic diving will be an advanced dive into the midst of the luxury submarine world. Sipadan Island and dive sites in the vicinity of Mabul and Kapalai are ranked the best diving spots in the world due to their diverse marine life. For adventurers who conquer Mount Kinabalu, the Boreal Roof is the latest challenge to climb other peaks around the world. Being the highest peak between the Himalayas and Papua New Guinea, this huge elevation of 4095 meters in the middle represents a majestic cloud cover.

Surrounded by the azure blue ocean, Borneo sand is lined with long white sand. There are no doubt that there are calm islands near the coast in the middle of the sea. They have good access and the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park on the outskirts of Kota Kinabalu and called "Survivor Island" is called Pulau Tiga.

Borneo also has the largest cave system in the world. Mulu National Park in Sarawak, has been designated a World Heritage Site as a physically-prepared paradise for travelers, and otherwise leaves the cave ecologically prosperous.

Whenever you visit Borneo, you will get to know the local people and their distinctive cultures. Borneo is a source that indigenous groups like Dayaks and Kadazandusuns like. Soon, you can check out Lemanas, Skrang or Batang Ai's Sara's house, Sabah's Sabah home, or visit them. Although the people of Borneo have different backgrounds, they practice many customs and live in harmony; Borneo is a safe and peaceful place to visit Borneo.

Aside from the spectacular destinations that Borneo has to offer, you can also enjoy sightseeing, white water speeds, antique trains, golf, shopping and tasting delicious local food and rice wines. All of these activities can be arranged with your travel agencies or hotel operators.

Getting to the terminal is easy. Borneo is located in Southeast Asia and has numerous international and international flights. In addition, there are direct flights to Borneo, such as Perth-Kota Kinabalu, Tokyo-Kota Kinabalu, Hong Kong-Kota Kinabalu, London-Bandar Seri Begawan and Singapore-Kuching. Kota Kinabalu, Kuching and Bandar Seri Begawan also serve several flights to the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. Airlines include Malaysia Malaysia Airlines, Royal Brunei Airlines, Airasia and Dragonair.

As elsewhere, as elsewhere, Borneo's stay will be enjoyable for a 5-star budget, where most operators accept reservations and some are highly rated on passenger portals.


Local Search Engine Optimization Tips


A new local search engine optimization engine for search engine marketing is needed to better capture Google, Yahoo and Bing results. Search marketing optimization services have prioritized Google's on-premises search engine optimization, dropping many websites from the front page. This local marketing option can be achieved by using search engine optimization for more efficient local search engines to see lower ranking websites on many pages. Google local search engines market websites with priority using local optimization and address optimization. Bringing your business closer to a Google Map Pointer means a higher ranking for your site. Social media marketing, directory, review results. The sample local search index is below the local social media sites.

  1. Yelp
  2. The video
  3. InsiderPages
  4. YahooLocal
  5. DealerRater
  6. JudysBook
  7. TripAdvisor
  8. Edmunds
  10. OpenTable

It was

  1. UrbanSpoon
  2. DemandForce
  3. kudzu
  4. Yellowbot
  5. CityVoter
  6. Website
  7. SuperPages
  8. MenuPages
  9. LilaGuide

It is based on search engine marketing link structure or links that come from outside the link. Local search engine marketing now relies on local social media links to rank websites and local social media. In social media marketing, local marketing can be used with local Facebook posts, Google sites, Google maps, and local twitter tweets. What is the best SEO strategy? Search engine optimization and page keywords were the primary strategy, and lately backlinks have been the main focus of search engine optimization services. Now the website has said that a "cosmetic surgeon marketing company" or "Attorney SEO company" page can get results with a small number of backlinks. Google places access to local websites, local listings and local listings, Google maps and local social media marketing websites as an important link for local businesses. Plastic surgery, lawyer, lawyer, lawyer are all viable local business services, and they will take advantage of local SEO.

Local search engine optimization is the best way to optimize websites beyond the needs of the local search market. SEO services will provide local listings as part of the services, but many only have the obvious map, Yahoo optimization. Social media marketing coupled with local search engine optimization has reached a point of equality across multiple SEO strategies. Search engine marketing or SEM is a candidate for local search engine marketing strategy. Search engine marketing generates lead for professional services by a lawyer or doctor, a plastic surgeon. These services require Local SEO to get the potential customer to the site and then continue to actually sell the services. How is this done? It is a symbiotic strategy that leads customers to sell, which encompasses service knowledge, reliability, and pricing structure to attract customers to the best possible services.

If your service provides the best scenario for the customer, sales will happen. One of the potential customers that says the best potential customer can be a simple internet search and then find them on Google Maps and then look at SEO companies' yelp or YouTube video tutorial comments, the last stop is the actual customer site. however, they are already interested in SEO experience, results and price buzz. Local search is the most profitable local SEO optimization. Competition for a high budget SEO died a few months ago a serious challenge. SEO outsourcing has also changed since search engines are aware of what local IP addresses are and in the case of US or US IP addresses. What does SEO mean? Foreign SEO services cannot use local search marketing as before, which means that social media use by external SEO cannot mitigate US local indexing. they can based IP.

In many larger cities SEO can be tailored to local search engine optimization with social media marketing, video marketing, media enhancements as well as larger pages to generate true customer conversion and sales on the internet. Companies that do not provide video production, local search optimization, and social media marketing services are at risk of leaving customers cold, in terms of local branding and brand awareness. Facebook marketing and twitter real-time updates on video marketing help users build trust and awareness. Video production and marketing information strategies set the tone for creating authorities in your field. Know who their clients are in legal and medical services. The video can lead to genuine trust and brand awareness by customers, allowing them to "keep watching" or "keep going", thus hindering a consultation.

If the prospective customer sees your face, they will hear that the next contact is strong. If the prospective client has decided that he or she does not like your face or behavior, you should consult them anyway. SEO services are plentiful across the Internet for "best SEO company" search, however, given that customer trust and testimonials provide pre-structured pricing on virtually any service, local search is the best option for on-site optimization. social media marketing and SEO


8 tourist modes without leaving your tourist room


One of the worst cases of a trip you never guess is: choosing a destination, researching the best flight deals, so you can spend months alone planning to get sick when you arrive. Don't worry, your trip isn't completely bust. Here are 8 ways to live a foreign country without leaving your hotel room:

1. Look out of the window. Sounds simple, but it's true; you understand how a city works, seeing its inhabitants in everyday life. Look at how people move: how do they ride, ride, drive or use public transportation? Look at where and when they eat, how they dress, how they communicate, and recognize what your life is like at home. Plus, buskers are always entertaining … and you don't have to advise your room! Of course, you will be curious about the weather. If it is cold and wet, it is best indoors!

2. Read it all! Even if you can't read the local newspaper language, go for photos and look at photos; you will probably see places that did not exist. Check your destination newsletters. Read brochures announcing local events and museums. Often, these leaflets will provide information about popular attractions and many photos. If all else fails, read your guidebook that is absolutely rigid and boring, which will inevitably lead you to sleep. But if you are sick, you still need it.

3. Watch TV. You should watch local news to see if there are any broken stories you should always know. They will also show you the news around the city, especially human interest and local events. Check out popular sporting events or watch cultural and entertainment programming to see what interests the locals. Know that in many foreign countries, nudity and naughty language are acceptable. Paid cable at no extra cost. Score!

4. Order local food. Hotel staff will have many recommendations for great local restaurants that offer national or popular cuisine. Call the concierge and ask what food the locals can eat. You can avoid room service because food is usually too expensive and not true.

5. Contact a tourist office. Even small towns have tourist centers with English-speaking staff. Ask about events around the city, or have your reader send material to your room. Tourist centers will have a wealth of information to explain their customs and to determine cultural events, exhibitions and celebrations.

6. Get to know the locals. Yes, you can do this without leaving the hotel room. Use an instant messaging service to help people online today search the city. Go to MySpace or Facebook, search for groups around the place you are visiting, and email some people. You can also go to Skype and chat or text with the locals on webcam. Many of the locals want to talk to you about their country and practice English.

7. Read reviews online. Here's another thing you can do online – go to sites like TripAdvisor or VirtualTourist and read about the experiences of others. Live them through other travelers if you tell them about the places you visited. Better yet, check out travel blogs. Bloggers detail travels like a diary and what you can't get from a guidebook. Search the "travel blog" or "blog list" search engine and you will find thousands of blogs on your destination articles.

8. Rotate the mini bar. Hotels are locally available and drinks are usually bundled with a mini-package. All countries specialize in one type of food or drink and are likely to be in your room, from everything from sodas to snacks. Sure, it may not be your sweetie, but it is worth it.

Getting stuck in your hotel room is obviously not the best way to travel. But sometimes it is best to sacrifice a day or two of visitation in order to fully recover so that you can really enjoy the rest of the journey. Plus, no one needs to know you haven't left your room!


Caribbean sand – How do we get a white bag?


Do you dream of walking on a beautiful Caribbean beach with palm trees? Can you imagine your fingers on that piece of white powder warmed by the tropical sun? For many, I have described a "happy place" when they need to escape the pressures of today's life.

Rubbing your toes into the fine white sand of the Caribbean is an amazing experience, to be sure and I highly recommend it if you haven't felt a very pleasant sensation. Whether we live in the Caribbean or visit them often, they can bring in this beautiful wood. Many of us really stop to think about how it was created and why it is so different from the sand we find on other beaches around the world.

So I want to ask the question:

How does the Caribbean sand get so fine and so white?

Well, first of all I should point out that there is no Caribbean beach with fine white sand. Some of the Caribbean beaches are more sandy yellow, yellow or gray. This type of sand is common on the Virgin Islands. In fact, white sand, gray or yellowish sand are medium and thick, probably the main type of sand in the world's ocean beaches. There are also sandy beaches in Bermuda, a tiny microscope derived from the forams. There are strange and strange beaches in the world at that time; children have a completely different color as black volcanoes in black sand. Even more, there is green sand due to the presence of olivine crystals – and before you ask, "no" they are not in Mars. These rare green beaches are located in the tropical Pacific Ocean. However, the green and black sandy beaches are certainly worth the visit and at least once in a while sure to be, but they will not make my dreamy image a tropical beach stroll!

So, back to the iconic Caribbean beach where the fine snow sand will be washed away … how wonderful is it to complete beaches worldwide?

I will use the Dominican Republic as a good example, where I live and work, and I think it makes it a good feature of what gets fine sand.

First, consider the fine texture of the sand. It all depends on how fast the water moves. The moving water, that is, the "rough" sea, has the power to pick up larger particles and carry them over great distances. However, the more mobile water, a "calm" sea, however, does not have the energy to pick up larger particles. Quiet water can only carry fine particles. So the soft sand and thick particles do not accumulate on the beaches to calm the sea. This describes the conditions in the southeastern part of the Dominican Republic.

Second, consider how white the sand is. To begin with, distinguish it from white or solid wood and white or glossy wood. Hey, this talk reminds me of comparative laundry soaps that white people put up and compare, but I digress! To get white sand on the beach, that beach has to be near a coral reef, the skeleton is actually white.

This brings us to a new question: how can we achieve a very good white coral skeleton and accumulate it as fine white sand on adjacent beaches?

Here comes this amazing parrot! There are many parrot species and scuba divers and snorkelers are very popular because of their beautiful colors and patterns. They have a large parrot; it is like a beak of a flower; hence, it is called parrotfish. The main food of the parrot is the algae that grows in the corals, and when immersed in these algae, they use sharp, firm teeth to remove coral. When they do this, they also take a piece of hard wood and chew it on the fish and then travel the fish through the digestive tract.

So basically we get beautiful white sand beaches from the sack and lots! A single parrot can produce about 200 pounds a year (that is, up to 90 pounds). Okay, that alone is basically a humorous way to look at the truth. You can also see it as a great way for Mother Nature to recycle her many resources.

Our beaches are located in the southeastern corner of the Dominican Republic, including the beaches of Bayahibe and the beaches of Saona Island, along some of the world's largest and most beautiful coral reefs. This is why this place has long been a favorite for divers. These coral reefs are a growing source of wonderful white-sand beaches that we and our guests enjoy. They provide a great opportunity to walk barefoot on the beach and take away your stress. I invite you all to visit the beach in the southeastern part of the Dominican Republic and toe-to-toe with white sand and heavy sand.


Hunting giant panda in the United States


The giant panda is an amazing creature. Surprisingly, it really wouldn't exist. The Giant Panda needs no help in the way of extinction in the human race. This species has a relatively long time.

Seeking black and white bears naturally living in a relatively small area around the World's Small, endangers the World Conservation Union. About 1,600 of these animals are in the wild and there are about 300 in other zoos around the world.

Why are there so few? A couple of 60-year-old men probably have better chances of playing. A giant panda ends once a year and lasts three to three days. If she becomes pregnant, like a human being, a single child will be born with the choice of an outsider. Afterwards, the mother carries the children for eight to nine months and stays with the mother for up to two years. This means that the woman has been carrying a baby for two or three years.

Good thing, life is pretty long. A giant panda, in the zoo environment, has to wait up to 35 years. These interesting creatures are no more "giant" than the normal Black Bear in North America, with males weighing up to 250 lbs in the wild and females weighing less than 220 lbs.

It is different about these creatures that they are technically carnivorous. However, over time they have mostly adapted to a vegetarian diet. Pando Giants have a 99% bamboo diet. This creates another interesting curiosity about these animals, as they are 50 times less wild each day. This makes tracking animals easy.

Currently, there are four locations in the United States with giant Pandas. Three of the four have been successful in raising children in recent years. An Atlanta zoo, which helped raise the twins in 2013, was a rarity in the United States in 1987.

Smithsonian National Zoo – Washington, DC

The National Zoo includes two giant penguins born in 2013 and their cube. Mei Xiang is a female, born on July 22, 1998. The man is Tian Tian, ​​born on August 27, 1997. Bao Bao was born on August 23rd. In 2013.

This zoo is special because there is no entry fee. However, located on a 163-acre plot in Rock Creek National Park, parking in central Washington may serve as a general introduction to other zoos on the continent. The National Zoo is open daily except Christmas Day and is located north of the White House directly at 3001 Connecticut Ave. NW. The zoo has been around since 1889 and today there are about 2,000 animals from 400 different species.

San Diego Zoo

It is also the home of the family of the Three Panda Giants, compared to the San Diego Zoo National Zoo, which is not free to visit. Anyone over the age of 12 will pay $ 48 from the front doors, while children ages 3-11 will pay $ 38. However, the fees will make you the world's leading zoo certification.

San Diego takes on the second giant pandas that show how some animals live their lives. Yes Yun is a female and was born in September 1991 at a facility in Wolong, China. Gao Gao, a male, was rescued in the winter of 1992, at an age of less than a year. Xiao Liwu was born on July 29, 2012.

The San Diego Zoo is located in Balboa Park, just north of downtown. Created in 1916, there were 3,700 animals on 650 acres in this 100-acre park. If you're visiting, the San Diego Zoo is affiliated with Safari Park, 30 miles from downtown, near Escondido. This is a 1,800-acre reserve with about 300 species and 2,600 animals and is intended to protect the native species.

Atlanta Zoo

A must-have for Panda lovers, the Zoo Atlanta is home to four Panda giants, including twins created in 2013. Both came in 1997. Lun Lun is a woman and Yang Yang is a man. On July 15, 2013, Lun Lun gave birth to two women, Mei Lun and Mei Huan. As mentioned earlier, twins have not been born in the United States since 1987.

The Zoo Atlanta opened in 1889, the same year as the Washington National Zoo. It is located at 800 Cherokee Ave. In the south, southeast of central Atlanta, the zoo holds about 1,500 animals in about 220 species and covers 40 acres.

This zoo is open all year, except Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. Tickets are only half of the San Diego Zoo, those paid 12 and older will pay $ 22.99 and children ages 17 to 11 pay. It gets even better when you buy the CityPASS Atlanta package. In a package that offers a 50% discount on the five major attractions of Atlanta's Zoo, Atlanta is Zoo Atlanta's history.

Memphis Zoo

Giant Pandas were almost taken from the Memphis Zoo in 2013. Le Le and Ya Ya have been renting from China since 2003. A ten-year contract expired in 2013, but a ten-year renewal was eventually negotiated. Le Le, male and Ya Ya, female, have not yet had buckets.

The Memphis Zoo opened in 1906 and is located in the 76-acre Memphis city of Overton Park. The zoo is home to 3,500 animals of 500 species and was named the # 1 zoo in the United States in 2008 by TripAdvisor. The zoo is open every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas and Christmas. Adults pay $ 15, children pay $ 10, and older people pay more than adults.


Koh Samui Vs Phuket – Facts and Tips


It is recognized that Thailand has been a great destination for travelers from all over the world to continue their beach fun. The country offers a variety of fun sports and assortments, including idyllic beaches, unique nightlife spots, some of the best shopping malls in the world, and many other fun Thai resorts.

Koh Samui is the perfect opportunity for a quieter outing without the dancers, exciting nightlife and lively shopping. Koh Samui, located near the Gulf of Thailand, between the mainland and Koh Phangan, is a large island where an hour-and-a-half plane travels to reach Bangkok. Koh Samuii also has harmonious beaches, palm trees on the coast and accommodation suitable for all budgets.

Being slightly larger than Koh Samui, Phuket is Thailand's largest island with backpackers, party animals and sunshine throughout the year. There is no fun in Phuket, which offers plenty of recreational activities, including nightlife on Patong Beach, shopping street, Muay Thai Street and many other fun activities. Fine hotels are located near the center of Patong Beach, with easy access to the sea, plenty of dining and shops.

Which place Samui went to between Phuket has been between travelers who have to worry about weather changes in both areas. The weather is very different, but it is likely to be similar between January and April. Samui has drier seasons than Phuket between May and September, but Phuket is much drier than Samui from October to December. However, if you are not on holiday vacation during the months of June to August, Bali is well suited to you when it comes to Thailand during the rainy season.

Daily spending is another factor that the average tourist must consider. All products must be reached by boat or plane to Samui, due to their geographical nature, while requiring a greater share of transportation. Phuket, on the other hand, gets through some of the roads that connect the peninsula directly; so the need for life is lower. zone.

The flight departing from Phuket is at a lower cost to Samui [which is a privately owned Bangkok Airways airport] and has higher landing costs than other airports in each country. Some airlines serve Phuket, Thailand's national airline. Thai Airways.

Both places have beautiful white sandy beaches. Some say personal judgment is the best beach in the country at the northern end of Chaweng Beach Samui.

There is a significant difference in accommodation costs between Phuket and Koh Samui, but the latter costs less. You will likely spend more money on your stay at Phuket stores, which has many malls, restaurants and nightlife.

The full pages of the book are all about Thai food, including the cuisine of Samui Island. There are restaurants like Garland Samui on Choeng Mon Street. The restaurant guide and local restaurants have earned him a reputation from traditional restaurants, which retains the original Thai flavor. The Bophut Resort & Spa's Sala Thai, which is located next to it, has won a wonderful reputation for its popularity.

Never worry about the food served there. You can find and enjoy the savory range of food on the island, including Indian cuisine, authentic Indian-style pizzas, delicate sushi and English-style breakfasts that will scarcely bore your stomach. Samui has earned the honor through the TripAdvisor Choice Awards as an Asian food and wine destination. Wondering what a miracle this little Samui island has been ranked in Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and Kyoto.

Samui and Phuket are the property of many dive sites in the area, with beautiful scenery around. With a wider territory and a longer history, Phuket offers more accommodation types and accommodations, and is better suited to family-friendly vacations.

However, the lack of available water has been a problem for many other Samui for a very long time. Some travelers may not notice this embarrassment, but it really is a serious problem to solve. Despite its rapid development, peace remains in some parts of the two islands.


French Age Travel


Without a doubt, France is one of the most attractive travel destinations in the world. From the beautiful streets of Paris, everything from green wine countries to glittering beaches, snow-covered alps to Disneyland and more. France is a great destination for adults, in particular with numerous discounts across the country and plenty of savings opportunities. Here are the top tips for Seniors Travel in France.

Save traveling by train. France has one of the largest rail networks in Europe. You can get it from anywhere in the country. SNCF (the French railway company) gives the main ticket for those over 60 with discounts of 25-50% on all train journeys, even if not booked in advance, year-round. In addition, the ticket gets a 30% discount on rail travel in 22 other European countries. Better yet, you will save money before leaving your reservation before leaving your country.

See great museums. Many French museums and monuments will offer a discount for travelers up to 40% off. Some sites start discounting at age 65, but if you are over 60, remember to always ask and bring your passport or other ID if they ask you to prove your age! The Louvre has a great € 6 entry on Wednesdays and Fridays from 6pm. Until 9.45 p.m.

Bring a phrasebook. Although most of the tourist sites, restaurants and hotels in Paris are staffed by English speakers, you may have a hard time traveling to France if you go further. But with a few basic phrases in French and at least some English skills for the local person, you should have no problem. I used to live in the French region for a while and love it for Australians. Before I could say anything, I would speak in French "Sorry, I'm from Australia, I don't speak French." Learn to say this in French, he loves you.

Exchange homes. There may not be much press, but savvy travelers are saving money by swapping their home for decades. has 29,000 homes worldwide, including France. You never know, to finish, you would have a song in Bordeaux!

See the world go by. One of my favorite French activities is to sit in front of a cafe and discuss the topics of the day over coffee. Try this yourself, and you will surely get a great taste of the local atmosphere wherever you visit in France. This is my favorite activity. Choose a place for the locals and it won't cost you an arm and a leg.

Fly cheap around France. Air France offers a 10% discount on flights across the country. The airline also offers a 10% discount on international flights over 62 – make sure you book.

Be safe. Users of the popular Tripadvisor website eventually settled in the fifth world of Paris, so see your valid light within the City of Light – unfortunately I can assure you first hand.