Finding the right, right, and appropriate places to stay while traveling


The safest way to stay in the safest, best and most convenient places is to be trusted by friends or friends. But there are other ways to be sure.

When I travel, I use TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet, as well as using landmarks when preparing accommodations. But it's important to talk to everyone who travels a lot and read reviews before making a reservation. With reviews, though, I have found that there are multiple opinions in many hotels, so it is best to stick with the majority opinion. Like everything else, many people are naturally more critical.

When I travel, I don't expect five-star accommodations, only to pay three or four stars. For me, three or four stars is enough. However, my main requirements are safety, cleanliness and comfort, first and foremost. Other things are a factor, but they are secondary.

When we booked accommodation for travel in Europe, we walked to the shelter, so our secondary requirements were very different. But whether you're staying in hostels or hotels, the top of my list of secondary requirements is knowing if wireless internet connections are available. It seemed everywhere in Europe and Korea. This has not always happened in Australia and New Zealand.

Other things to consider (may or may not be important) include breakfast; It's central to the attractions you want to see the most; there is a parking lot and, if applicable, the hotel guests have to pay; if you have a fourth or higher floor, there is an elevator; there is a restaurant in the hotel; there is a pool; The hotel is quiet and there is a twenty-four hour day worker.

Staying in shelters was a question of whether to include beds and towels. rooms with mixed or single genres; for example, if three people were traveling together, there were three beds in one room, and the rooms were either in the bathroom or in the hallway. While staying at the hostel, we thought the inclusion of bed and breakfast were important conditions.

Before booking, it is important to ask all of these questions to make sure you get what you want. Nothing can spoil your trip faster and you will find that the most important things are not available before you arrive. You can get answers to questions by asking someone who is familiar with the hotel, consulting online, asking a travel agent or phoning the hotel directly.

As you travel, you will be happier and more successful on vacation.


What to look for when researching travel accommodations


The world is constantly traveling. At any given moment, millions of travelers have entered the rooms used by someone else. Isn't that scary thinking? Social media has been involved in an important way to better understand the quality of accommodation of consumers. Consumers like TripAdvisor, Google, and B&, to name a few, provide quality information about consumer experiences that govern true content before posting.

Smaller and smaller businesses with bed and breakfast locations are becoming more and more popular. The reason for noticing the owners of each business is that they are often the operator as well, with daily procedures that affect the quality of the accommodation the next guest will take. Small-scale entrepreneurs are a team that is proud of, providing a service that will make a lasting impression on customers. These consumers take longer to submit honest reviews for future guests.

An inn and breakfast can be used more locally by local vendors to provide and supply daily items used for guest amenities. Items like fresh local produce (strawberries, peaches and apples, etc.) are amenities you won't find at large hotels. They often employ high-quality chefs to deliver a variety of breakfasts you won't find at other schools. In every room, access is provided for the convenience of the guests, and the hotels are in much better traffic locations. Their B & B's, which cost a little more each night, offer a quality breakfast; likely cooked fresh.

Consumers planning a travel accommodation will need to consult a variety of opinions over a period of time; not just the new ones. Travelers who leave reviews often comment on the cleanliness, hospitality and overall quality of the visit. Although recent reviews are good, if they are ongoing, the facility maintains good practices.

Many locations have proper booking services on the homepage of the website. While this is effective, talking to someone (like the owner or CEO) for a couple of minutes is also a good indicator of quality. It is good to ask specific questions if you want to know their cleaning practices. For example, if guests have dietary preferences, before reaching out to management, their needs can often be taken into account, making the visit a much more memorable and memorable one.


Tips for renting a car in Mexico


If you are traveling to one of Mexico's top tourist destinations, dreaming of a steep path somewhere or a Mexican road trip, one of the things you want to research and prepare for in advance is car hire. We are certainly very happy for your trip, but some travelers get cold feet as they begin to investigate, as many people have posted about their bad experiences with XYZ Company on TripAdvisor, and on sites like Yelp.

First of all, it's important to remember that people are really good at writing a bad experience (news is not good news), so you certainly shouldn't let them decide to go on vacation. In Mexico. Secondly, many tourists from the US, UK and Canada have bad experiences because they do not have enough research before leaving town. To make sure this does not happen to you, be sure to follow these tips before renting a vehicle in Mexico.

1: Find out what you need to rent a car in Mexico

The last thing you want is to show up at the car rental office to find the documentation you need to get your vehicle. Here's what you need:

• Driver aged 25 or over

• Valid driver's licenses written in Latin (not Chinese, Arabic, Russian, etc.)

• If the international driver's license is written in your other original characters

• Credit card

• The second form of photo identification is not authorized by your driver

• CDW insurance check (can be purchased at the rental office, can be purchased as a benefit on your credit card or travel insurance)

• PLI Insurance Certificate (PLI must purchase rental company)

2: Book your Mexican car rental online beforehand

You should probably hire a better car rental if your rate is locked before you check in. This also gives you a long time to read comfortably the print and the terms of the rental agreements, to find out what is and what is not. This brings us to point 3.

3: Read the car rental agreement reflection

It is important to know that this price is included. By offering Mexican rental cars you can offer up to $ 8 dollars per day high discount travel websites. Until you arrive at the rental office, and this is not required until insurance coverage, taxes or fees are included. Insurance rental can double or triple the cost of your car, and in Mexico it has a fairly high sales tax called "VAT" (Spanish Value Added Tax).

4: Don't think that a car rental company in the US is better than the Mexican one

Many of the worst online reviews include US and European tourists who have booked their car rental with a home-based company they know works in Mexico differently. The lesson here is: You can't lock or lock your business rental company depending on where you are based. You need to do your own independent research.


Best London Business Hotels


Those who visit businesses often have very specific needs.

Location is one of the key factors when traveling your business, because your time is usually at a premium. Overall, it is essential to make sure everything is working well for your business trip.

We've divided these three reviews of London's best business hotels into three sections, based on the city you are in and the budget you have available.

Best hotels for business in West End

Hilton Metropole is a great choice for business, for a variety of reasons. Located downtown, it is near Edgware Road and can be accessed by bus, train or taxi.

London is a place that many people know, so you can often schedule a meeting there. It's nice to meet in the hotel's large lobby without paying attention to your privacy.

The hotel can certainly attend thousands of meetings. The quality of the rooms and the service is good and the hotel is one of the best Hiltons in London (although not the number 1 in terms of guest reviews). It is also close to the charm of Little Venice.

Hotel Indigo is close by and is another solid business hotel in London. New business travelers rate it well based on recent reviews.

The same thing happens at the Montague on Gardens Hotel in Bloomsbury (next to the British Museum and the University of London): London's highest rated mid-priced hotel.

The best business hotels in the city

The Hilton Canary Wharf is one of the best Hiltons in London, according to independent visitor reviews.

It is modern and especially convenient for anyone doing business in London City Airport and in the financial environment of London.

There is the Andaz Hotel (also the former Eastern Hotel) near the city – a modern hotel with free Wi-Fi and a popular restaurant range. When you arrive at bed, you will not find the check-in desk; instead, staff greet you personally and act as a "host" to ensure the smoothest possible stay.

The hotel is organized for business and has plenty of meeting space with the business center for 24 hours. The hotel feels great in the lobby next to the art exhibit and many parties are organized there.

It has a good location on the east side of downtown, but is useful for accessing the West End.

Rumor has it that the best rooms in Andaz are corner rooms (e.g. rooms 374 and 474), which tend to be larger.

Finally, there is also the Apex City of London Hotel, which is highly rated TripAdvisor and is great for business and leisure visitors.

Apex Hotels (the parent company of this hotel) is the winner of the BDRC's "Residence Judgment" survey (not customer reviews) for the "Scholarship and Incentive Travel Industry Awards".

The best business hotels on a budget

You get good value on a budget chain like Travelodge and Premier Inn and these hotels are definitely worth considering.

They are scattered throughout London and offer good options, especially in the lower rooms.

A couple of Travelodge hotels that score well in guest reviews are Southwark and Tower Bridge. Plus, the London Inn is a good Premier Inn.

These are especially good if you have your own business and spend the money you make. But be warned that they charge internet access, which can sometimes be added.

Travelodge also has a Business Card that will make life easier for businesses: it gives you access to free credit, dedicated account management and a loyalty scheme. Unfortunately, at Travelodge you have to pay for WiFi access; however, on the London Insight blog you can find an updated list of non-newspaper London hotels.

We look forward to a review of the best London business hotels available and have a pleasant and productive trip to London.


Best Alaska Fishing Charters – Kenai Peninsula


While working in the tourism industry, I have seen that most tourists planning their dream vacation in Alaska may be immersed in the thousands of choices Alaska has to offer – especially to the fishing world! So I have put together some easy tools to help you get this process going.

Finding the BEST Alaska Fishing Charter requires time, effort, and most importantly, thorough research! Kenai Peninsula – This is the most common place to start your fishing adventure, with numerous locations like Seward, Ninilchik, Kenai River, Kasilof River and Homer! Within these locations, you are looking for over 100 charter companies to filter and filter from best to worst. How can we speed it up? As simple as it sounds – reviews!

Comments, such as on TripAdvisor and Google, can make or break a company in several ways. If you can't be good without a bad thing, the most important thing to look at here is, how many bad reviews are there and what are they saying? Do guests have complaints? Has the company taken time to respond? It is essential to filter out some shit (honest weakness) for legitimate concerns.

With some feedback, once you have reached three or five business interests, you want to keep going, someone you are looking for is the best choice! Are you looking for the exact location, boat size, length of the trip, exclusive fishing or party type, or a particular species? While most fishing boats on the Kenai Peninsula offer the same types of trips, asking these questions among your travel companions will help you ask some questions.

And that brings us to the next step, calling around! Most companies offer online booking, but if you are new to Alaska fishing, I recommend calling to reduce some of the details first. Which locations do you want to ask important questions like? Are your trips full day or half day? When are the trips offered? What should I buy and what is included? Questions like these are key, so make sure you book what you are looking for!

Once you have these answers, you will have the opportunity to make a decision! Get excited and continue the process of booking your letter of choice and get ready to start fishing in Alaska!

Alaska Fisheries Preparation 101:

– Dress in layers

– Bring rain

– REMOVE before traveling to sea sickness

– Bring lunches and drinks to the snack

– Purchase prior Alaska fishing permit

– Arrange the fish in the plane or shipping you want to bring home

– Bring the camera

And more importantly, get ready for a trip of a lifetime!


How Engagement Can Be Used to Restore the Mobile Hospitality Industry


We focus on smartphones throughout the day. The world around us has changed the very nature of how we interact, including the way we do business.

In terms of travel and hospitality, mobile has completely changed the way it works, even for the consumer. And by raising expectations for mobile interaction, consumers have become more demanding with the types of services at their fingertips.

Here are some statistics that will help you know how far the mobile industry is going:

  • TripAdvisor is the most popular mobile app in the travel industry, with over 230 million downloads and 150 million active users.

  • Mobile travel bookings increased by 1700 percent between 2011 and 2015, from 1 percent to 18 percent of online revenue.

  • 40% of travel sales came from mobile phones in 2017, which is expected to reach 50% in 2021.

  • 88% of leisure travelers will switch to another application or website if it does not meet your needs

  • Travel planning does not take more than 50% of travelers planning their trip – and 60% will make their next trip from their mobile device.

  • Three boarding passes will be issued by 2019

  • 66% prefer non-rewarding restaurants, and 78% will use the mobile app for discounts.

The bottom line is to stay mobile here. In fact, it will only become more important in the daily life of the consumer, so it is essential to accommodate the majority of mobile hospitality.

The hospitality industry invests heavily in online marketing (about $ 6 billion in 2016) to give you an idea, and uses it to convert customers and drive. However, using online paid ads only means that online engagement is losing its appeal.

More and more companies are rethinking their strategy and trying to embed mobile experience at every stage of the travel experience – from research to travel research and staying at the hotel.

The role of mobile phones in the research phase

Earlier, your research trip did not necessarily include surfing. The travel agent will call you after a short online search and give you the confidence to get the "package" discount.

These days, travelers are proud of their research skills and expertise, while providing the best deals for them. And it takes a lot of their research to a social media site, such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram and user-reviewed platforms such as TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet.

This means you need to turn on your existing customers to share your journey online. Check-ins, reviews, photo sharing, personalized hashtags, and blogging are popular strategies for inviting contributions.

But don't leave it to the guests. The hotel should also participate in the creation and distribution of high quality content. Focus on the factors that make your potential consumers think "These guys seem to know what they are doing when they travel, so I'll check them out!"Don't forget to optimize your phone's reading content, because searching on computers is so old. Also, get together with experts, specialists and agents to enrich your content and give it credibility.

When creating valuable content, be sure to find it on Google. Have a strong SEO strategy to get the best search results. Also, get a list of Google businesses for your hotel, and maintain NAP (name, address and phone number) consistency on platforms like Yelp, Yahoo, Foursquare and TripAdvisor.

Virtual gateway is even better. Guests can access this service on their mobile, view your hotel equipment, view local attractions, or even upgrade. You need to use the power of video to make online visits more convenient.

Until the arrival of the reservation

There is always a time left to book your hotel when you arrive. The term is rarely used by the company, but even if you think about it, you can reach your guest and provide value-added services.

Communicate with your guests on their cellphone, but without the junk. Provide valuable information about the town, visit tourist opportunities, and report hotel facts. And if they like something, let them reserve their seats using smartphones.

You can also delete the check-in line and other procedures with the help of the mobile application. Guests can choose their rooms, choose add-ons and seamlessly check in to stay in control. This will not only get your employees off to other aspects of the business, but also get brownie points for being proactive.

Hotel portal and stay

People would ignore your lobby because there is no interest, other than seating and silent silence. You can change it and use this space to really interact with your guests, using mobile.

SoftBank's Human Robot Pepper is one of those innovations that really caught my eye. This robot is a great way to deliver customer-focused services, as well as affiliate services and programs.

Pepper can be programmed to chat with customers, provide questions and directions – it's a feature like Amazon's Alexa. With Pepper, though, he's dancing with a robot, looking around, playing music, lighting, blush, and even a cool selfie before taking his walkers.

Pepper can also capture email addresses and phone numbers, and can be scheduled to send customers links to your mobile applications, loyalty program and other things to stay in front of the hotel and send. With Pepper, you can capture the data you need to create a truly personalized experience for your guests two the reason why hotels are now mobile-friendly.

Finally, your application

Maybe you would ask, when we get here, we cover everything else. We won't try to convince you why you need an app, but knowing that having a mobile site is not enough. The apps themselves take customer engagement to the next level, and due to industry competition, you should take full advantage of your mobile advantage.

The ideal application should have the following characteristics:

  • Ergonomic, intuitive user interface design

  • Careful selection of key features

  • Brand consistency

  • Cross-platform compatibility (iOS, Android, etc.)

  • Proper booking options

  • News – Local and industry related

  • Analytics on the back

  • Image gallery / virtual tour

  • The floor

  • Integration of the loyalty program

  • Events calendar

  • Flight information, weather updates, dynamism

  • Social media sharing questions

As technology becomes more personalized and mobile, your commitment to the hospitality industry will not be far behind. Despite the big suggestions, think about setting some (or not all) of them to see the momentum you receive in your engagement. Personal experience is the best teacher.

All that said and done, your commitment to mobile really allows you to interact with your guests, in a more personalized and proactive way, through stunning brand images. It also allows you to climb above the competitive edge, which is an advantage for me!


Hotel Internet Internet Marketing


Hotel Internet The concept of Internet Marketing was able to raise awareness among hotel hotels. As they realized they could also make more reservations online, they started creating websites for hotels, and many of them started online booking systems for more convenience for customers.

Hotels are now starting to create their own websites so that customers can reach them and make reservations. Marketing to HTML has been a long standing start for hosts, but this revolution has changed the meaning of the hospitality industry. These few activities have changed the traditional way of booking rooms and discovering / comparing the rooms and rates offered by various hotels.

The hotel now has the advantage of using its photos for visitors to see outside of the hotel's appearance. Visitors can view photos and virtual photos of the hotel.

Now, hotels can have a website where you can learn about rooms and rates, features, amenities / facilities offered, virtual tours, and of course online booking / booking facilities.

Gatesix Inc. understands the need for a hotelier. They have a specialized team that will guide you through the process and are available 24/7 online. They have created a sub-division called Gatesix Hospitality, which is focused on the hospitality industry. They have many hotel owners and clients marked with hotel owners.


Where to find the Best Hotel Accommodation


For the trip? There are many things to consider when booking hotel accommodation. There is the actual location of the hotel, accessibility to public transport, proximity to the sites you want to visit, hotel reviews are also a big factor, and of course, the cost.

Fortunately, everything is now accessible via the Internet. We compile a list of online travel agencies that offer accommodation at different price points. So whether you are a deck or a leisure traveler, you are covered!

1. has been ranked No. 1 in the world's best online travel agencies since 2014 (according to Skift). They offer different types of accommodation, hostels, apartments and rooms. Customer ratings are listed on the site, and you can search for hotel accommodation according to your budget, with most offers being canceled for free.


Founded in 1996, Expedia recently acquired Orbitz, the online travel agency. Hotel booking is only part of Expedia's business, as they book airline tickets, crossovers and even car rentals. You can earn "reward points" by getting the Expedia + card. They also regularly have secret deals and discounted coupons for those looking for a deal.


The only online travel agency in Asia (Singapore) has become part of the best online travel agency in the world. has been increasing its rates in customer rooms by offering the "Best Price Guarantee" as well as the specialized "flash sales". Agoda luxury hotel accommodations, hostels, bed and breakfasts, resorts.


Although review is usually a site, it does offer hotel booking options. The site is currently listed on the Top 2 of the world's top online travel agencies, according to Skift. It is nice to see the price comparisons when looking at hotel deals with another site that offers the same hotel. Typically, prices on will be discounted, so you get a better deal. Also, user-generated reviews are very useful.


You can book on more than 325,000 hotels worldwide. Lodges and breakfasts, inns and even condos are included in their inventory. There are many long-stay guests called " Awards." Guests staying for at least 10 nights will receive a discount on their next booking.

6. is a site with over 20 years of tradition in search of the special charm of bed and breakfast accommodation. The site offers hot deals and a unique site for Diamond Collection Inns, which offer luxury bed and breakfast accommodation.


There are 33,000 shelters on the site with great deals on shelters. If you sign up for a SmartSavers membership, you hardly receive a reservation fee. Ideal for those on a budget, there are many options on this site.


How important is social media at the hotel?


The social media is one of the most powerful forces in the hotel industry today, with photos, updates and holiday reviews planned for travel planning by consumers. Depending on the hotel industry, word-of-mouth and opinion-based opinions are expanded, and social networks provide an ideal platform for this.

81% of travelers had important reviews when choosing a hotel.

70% of consumers said that travel opinions were the most influential in their shopping behavior.

43% of hoteliers believe that social communication generates some of the biggest ROI.

40% of travelers send reviews.

38% of U.S. travelers use social networks to share their experiences.

The social network has a great impact on travel reservations. To plan trips between those who use Facebook, Twitter, TripAdvisor, Google+, LinkedIn and LinkedIn:

52% changed the original plans.

33% hotel changed.

10% establishment changed.

7% destination changed

TripAdvisor for businesses

83% of the respondents consult TripAdvisor reviews before booking the hotel.

70% of senior hospitality professionals say # 1 site that affects TripAdvisor customers.


51% of Facebook's fans are more likely to remain a brand or buyer.

52% of Facebook users said that the photos of their friends inspired their vacation choices and travel plans.


Twitter followers recommend 79% more brands after becoming a follower.

67% of Twitter followers are safer for brand buyers or buyers.


81% of US online consumers claim that Pinterest trusts information and advice.

20% of the total number of social trading sites is in Pinterest.

All available information is a real question: "Is not it possible for your hotel to maximize the presence of your social media?"

Here are 7 tips for starting your social campaign in the hotel:

1. Create social networking pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+. Remember that boosting optimization of search engines that are enjoying Google+ is the # 1 way.

2. Use your property logo photo of your profile.

3. Make sure that you have an attractive and visually appealing headline that shows your property.

4. Verify that your contact information and website address appear in the list.

5. On Facebook, make sure you use the "book now" button.

6. Sending to daily social networking platforms.

7. Only one of the messages must be self-promotion.